Selling a Company

Selling a Company

Here at Forensic Accounting we have a depth of experience helping clients with selling a company.

Selling a company is time consuming process. It can be lengthy and stressful for business owners as they try to run their business while trying to find the right buyer.

In order to maximize the price of your company requires forward planning and structured process.

There are several stages to selling your company.

It is essential to plan your exit strategy as early as possible. Planning will allow you to investigate the various exit strategy options and plan the timing of the sale and the tax consequences for the different exit strategies.

Implementing the structures and streamlined processes, effective management structures, recurring revenue streams will all help the make your company more valuable in the eyes of a prospective purchaser.

Business owners often have unrealistic expectations as to what a company is actually worth. Identifying the real value of the business is essential to ensure the successful sale of a company or business.

A third party valuation is a critical step in the sales process and best way to provide a realistic estimate of what your business is worth and will provide evidence of the value of the company which in turn will bring credibility to the asking price.

Prospective buyers want as much transparency as possible and will conduct due diligence. Spending time to properly present your company’s financial and business history and future projections for growth is an essential element in the sales process.

Eliminating red flags by ensuring everything is in order and that the right information is provided at the right time and in the right manner will greatly improve the sales process.

Finding the right buyer can be one of the most time consuming elements of the sales process. However, it is clearly one of the most important to ensure a successful company sale.

Once potential purchasers have been identified a formal approach can be made to solicit first round offers. Managing interactions with potential buyers is essential for a successful outcome.

Many business owners neglect to get the correct financial advice so that they can plan how to invest your money from the sale to reduce their tax liability.

Our due diligence process will ensure that you select the right company to purchase and at the right price to ensure that the acquisition will be the best business decision.

Our team of experts can help you with every step of selling your company.

Contact us today for a discrete and confidential consultation about selling a company.