Divorce Accountants

Divorce Accountants

Forensic accounting can play a major role in the equitable distribution of assets during separation or divorce proceedings. The valuation of assets including property and business interests is a complex process and the expertise of one of our divorce accountants can be of huge benefit for all involved.

Our divorce accountants ensure reliable figures are used for the distribution of funds, helping to clarify the best way forward.

The role of Forensic Accounting in Divorce or Separation

A divorce accountant (forensic accountant) can play a vital role in establishing the full extent of asset holdings. This can include:

  • Providing accurate valuations of assets including pensions, property and business interests
  • Asset tracing and achieving full financial disclosure when one or both parties believe that assets may have been hidden by the other
  • Acting as an expert witness in court where applicable
  • Advising on the tax implications of disposing of the aforementioned assets

In some cases, we are requested to act for both parties in a divorce case. This can offer cost-saving benefits, while creating a more co-operative scenario during the process.

Conversely, if the divorce or separation is acrimonious, we are requested to act on behalf of one party to ensure a fair distribution of assets.

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